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Kulhan Stone & Kulhan Architecture is a company from mining to buildings. Kulhan Stone. Kulhan Stone is a Natural stone exporter company that working China,Eu Countries and inside Turkey. We are working usually China Companies.Our team founder manager is Mining Engineer (Hasan Külhan).Our team also created with engineer and experiences of marble sector.

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We are obsessively passionate about quality. We export natural stones to more than 50 countries around the world. Yet we don’t only carry raw materials and final products from quarries and factories that operate in diverse regions of Turkey, we carry the quality to the world with over 10 years of experience. Our aim is to carry the Anatolian natural stones to the top rank of the world market and introduce high-quality marbles of Turkey into the quality projects. Kulhan Stone , has always been one of the leading marble export companies in Turkey with its extensive knowledge of natural stones, material portfolio and the wide range of clients. We export a substantial amount of blocks to India and China . In order to provide the optimal service before and during sales and to offer post-sales satisfaction to the clients in these regions, we extend our experienced team globally.

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